Arendal hjemme

Noen ord fra Kasey om søndagens hjemmekamp mot Arendal


Hi Strømmen supporters

Arendal will be a tough opponement and a super challenge for the boys this weekend. Arendal is coming off a 4-0 win against leauge leaders Moss, so I'm sure confindents is high.

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Last time we played they played us off the park and should have beaten us more than 2-0. Easily our toughest upponent before the summer.

We are coming off a 2-2 draw wich looks like we had a thight game against Staal, but to be honest we were the best team on the day and should have won the game comfortably. Unfortunately we are still young in our mind set and we though the result away in the last 1 minute.

We have played 4 leauge games and one practice match after the summer. 4-1 win against Oppsal. 3-1 lose against Egersund. But we lead 2-0 at halftime to Flekkerøy and that game finished with a 3-2 win for Strømmen. 1-1 Draw against Ørn. We fought back and got a draw and could have won the game at the end. And again last week we lead 2-0 at halftime.

So we are confident in our abilities and understand the challenge ahead, Arendal can expect a tougher game on this occasion and if we play to our potensial then we have every chance of winning the game.

We are still a team in progress in some ways but the players need to show that they are learning and growing as a group and individually or else we will have to go backwards to go forwards.

Kasey Wehrmann

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