Hi Strømmen IF Supporters

This is Kasey Wehrman your A Lag trener


Hi Strømmen IF Supports. This is Kasey Wehrman your A Lag trener .

Strømmen-Ullern, lørdag 7. mai kl 15:00. Kjøp billett her

2 loses first up and now 2 wins in a row . The new challenge for the players is to show how consistent they can be .

With and average age of 23 you can expect ups and downs during this season which you can see from our first 4 games .

Habits grow into teams and right now we are trying to become a team with winning habits . 2 wins in a row , the question is can we take another step forward and win today .

Ullern have taken points and were unlucky to lose against Moss away the league leaders .

Ullern have quality and are not afraid to play out of difficult areas of the pitch which is refreshing to see , definitely a club on the rise .

We need to be on our game today and bring all the confidents and hard work from our previous win .

Expect this to be tough test , we have quality all over the field and the belief in each other , but that only comes out if you set the right platform.

Work work work


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