Kasey om siste kamp og Moss hjemme


Notodden was a disappointing experience and we let ourselves down with a well below par performance. We didn't asks enough questions of our opponent and didn't show them the respect that all clubs deserve when you play against them.

Moss has been the form teem of the competition for many months but they of late dropped points. And we know that this game can determine weather they finish 1st 2nd or even 3rd in the leauge.

We are under no iliusions this week that a game will be as tough as we have had but we also have a good record of bouncing back after a loss.

If we are able to work hard for each other then we have a good chances of winning. But we can't just work our areas of the field, but help our teammates.

Exciting match, free entry to all that want to come see 2 fantastic football teams in Postnord leauge.

We are looking forward to the challenge.

Kasey Wehrmann

Headcoach Strømmen IF