A word from the Gaffa


Kasey deler sine tanker i forkant av søndagens hjemmekamp mot Notodden. 

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The positives out way the negative’s when coaching a young and enthusiastic team.

Unfortunately we didn’t perform well against Brumunddal in the cup and lost the match. We worked hard but we let ourselves down with the lack of quality and perhaps believing that we should win without playing the game.

No point to be upset and angry about the disappointment of the cup, we have a new game today against a team who has won their last two games and has some confidence in their wings.

We have to answer the question, are we as good as those four straight wins in the league.

The positive thing about coaching a youthful team is that they look forward and not backwards. We have to learn from the past but not taken the negative energy with us. We have answered hard questions about ourselves already this season and if they put in the ground work I’m sure we will have a good chance of taking the points today.


Thanks for your support

Kasey Wehrman



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